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Service Strategy
Prepress services:
1. Understand customer requirements and quickly quote
2. Provide our professional knowledge on the customer's product to the customer for reference, assist the customer in completing a perfect product, carefully check the preliminary film and samples, and sign the contract.
3. Implement three proofreading processes for client original text, film, and proofreading, and implement a production staff signature system.
4. For more complex printing products, we provide product proofing services so that customers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the production process and effects of the products.
5. Clarify the production requirements and do our best to provide technical support to customers. If customers need design services, we also have designers who can give customers opinions and ensure that contracts, films, and samples are "cleared and finalized."
Printing services:
1. Print carefully and responsibly in strict accordance with the samples or customer requirements
2. Provide a resting place for customers who are checking samples in person
3. In order to meet customer requirements, solve printing problems in a timely manner
Post-press processing:
1. Arrange the sequence of each process according to customer requirements and product process characteristics.
2. Conduct quality and quantity inspection on printed semi-finished products
3. Strictly implement the sampling inspection system in each process, strictly inspect the finished products, and eliminate unqualified products
4. Strictly control the quantity and quality of printing
1. Packing and packaging according to customer requirements
2. Send printed products to foreign customers as required
3. Take customer opinions seriously, provide preliminary solutions to product quality issues complained by customers within one day, and ensure resolution within a week.


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